Glorious Heart Burn!

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Food
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On the wall of our kitchen is my wife’s home made chalk board.  Every week she writes out that weeks dinner menu.  She put down for Friday, Gourmet Burgers.  So I pondered on that… I’ve done stuffed burgers, burgers topped with numerous things.  I’ll sometimes do my family fav Hawaiian Sliders.  But no, not this Friday.  This time I made a jalapeno sauerkraut chilli, that I smothered two 1/4lb patties with.  I then layered that with cheese tossed out under the broiler. While that was getting GBD I fried up to eggs to top it with.  Then for a healthy touch I put to slices of fresh tomatoes to finish out off.  It burned so good!


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